In the United States, the Interstate Freeway System has nearly 50,000 miles of pavement, and nearly a million miles under state control. There are hundreds of thousands of miles of rail track. There are about 5,000 paved airfields and many hundreds of commercial aviation airports. There are also many hundreds of coastal and inland shipping ports.  That all adds up to billions of tons of freight and millions of passengers, so it’s no wonder that we’re always repairing, expanding, and rehabilitating.

Working on these types of projects is unique and dynamic.  Measuring and calculating grades, right-of-ways, volumes, and countless other details takes finesse and experience.   Garcia is proud to have served numerous contractors and agencies on countless projects in this regard.

“Garcia Surveyors is a firm that performs quality work, focusing on the needs of the client. Materials are always delivered on time and are error free. Garcia has my strongest endorsement to provide competent, professional survey services delivered on time and within budget. ” — D. Dariano, P.E. - Perrysburg City Engineer