The benefits to using a specialized workforce are accountability and quality assurance.  There are many jobs in pipeline work that, simply said, not everyone can do; and the impact a weak link can have on a project can be disastrous, both on paper and in the field.

Partner with a firm that has experience and credibility.  We have done lines of varying sizes and runs for clients from all points in pipeline management:  new, relocated, and repaired; flown, buried, bored, and drilled; mainline, tie-ins, valves, pumps, launchers, receivers, and tanks.

We will prepare your project with boundary and topographic surveys, control, ROW and work zone calculations, utility and soil boring locations, coverage calculations, stationing, alignments, and staking.

Once the earthwork begins, you’ll find our readiness and know-how reassuring.  Our Pipeline Division is outfitted with the tools that allow us to be mobile and responsive, and the experience to work step-for-step with your team.

A unique and comprehensive pipe-tracking procedure will assure detailed weld-mapping.  The data integrity is a unifying process, right through to line markers, ROW Release, and CAD completion.

Garcia surveyors are safety certified with ISNetworld©, PEC©, and Avetta/PICS©, and OQ-ready with Veriforce© so the checklist considerations are done for you.  Project-specific training from our Safety Management Office and Field Operations Office keeps our crews current on the latest practices and applications to safely maintain the pace inherent in pipelining.

You can be confident in our role to provide consistent, accurate, and safe service.
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“Garcia Surveyors is a firm that performs quality work, focusing on the needs of the client. Materials are always delivered on time and are error free. Garcia has my strongest endorsement to provide competent, professional survey services delivered on time and within budget. ” — D. Dariano, P.E. - Perrysburg City Engineer