It is crucial for any construction project to have good plans, good data, and good people.  No matter the size, scope, or end-use, proper layout is essential.  Our surveyors and CAD technicians scrutinize drawings to make sure points in space will match points on plan.  We align the site to the proper coordinate system and stake it to specifications.

For any and all aspects of construction:

    • Rough staking (grading, pads, pavements)
    • Undergrounds (water, storm, and sanitary lines)
    • Building staking (corners, piers, columns, mechanicals)
    • Additional services such as: Boundary and topographic surveys; Horizontal/Vertical control; Model generation; As-builts; Legal descriptions


We believe in delivering a quality product on time and on budget with professionalism.  No matter if it’s designed for commerce, service, or convenience, there’s no room for guesswork.  Thorough preparation and skillful execution is how we deliver proper layouts. Accountability is how we deliver peace-of-mind.
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“We have contracted Garcia Surveyors for numerous projects over the past several years. Throughout these projects they have worked closely with our staff and were very responsive to our requests. I recommend Garcia Surveyors.” — M. P. Choma, P.E. – Assistant Sanitary Engineer – Lucas County Ohio