P.E./A.I.A. Support

Your work is specialized, and to provide your best service you need more than just coordinates, elevations, and distances.  Measurements are indeed necessary, but we help architects, engineers, ecologists, developers, contractors, attorneys, and title carriers handle a multitude of development obstacles.

  • Boundary and topographic surveys
  • Control management
  • Benchmarks and monuments
  • Flood plain and usage
  • Volume monitoring
  • Airspace monitoring
  • Impact monitoring
  • Structure authentication
  • Legal descriptions

Navigating the different parameters for specific states, counties, cities, towns, zones, and parcels can prove difficult at times.  So can coordinating your data and approach.  Put our experience to work with your team, and get on with drawing, dividing, insuring, financing, designing, and building – on a solid foundation.

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“I have worked closely with Garcia Surveyors, Inc. for many years. In my opinion, they are one of the most knowledgeable and qualified firms in the area. I highly recommend them for any survey work you may require.” — C.E. Lulfs, P.E.,P.S. - Director of Public Works - City of Napoleon