January 20, 2016

Why Should I Hire a Land Surveyor?

If you consider your house and land among your largest assets, then protecting them is likely a top priority.  When selling our buying land, knowing as much as possible about the property is key.

A survey will provide you with the extent and a detailed description of the property, without which you risk both your investment and friendly neighbors.  The simple addition of a fence can be the cause of expensive litigation and much ill will if you are unfamiliar with the boundaries of your land, and a small distance can make a big difference.

Only a licensed surveyor can provide you with this information, and in turn can be your greatest assurance.  In cases of dispute – among neighbors, municipal agencies, and contractors – your surveyor is an expert witness and assumes full professional responsibility for the accuracy of your survey.

The cost of the survey as a percentage of your total investment can be a small and reasonable price to pay for legal standing and peace of mind.

“The quality of their work is excellent and they have been responsive to schedule deadlines. They also have the depth in staffing that allows us to contract for services and complete the work in response to tough client demands. I would highly recommend Garcia Surveyors.” — G. Simon, P.E. - Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.