November 4, 2015

Pipeline Division Attends Leadership Conference in Denver

The 2015 Pipeline Leadership Conference, an undertaking of Benjamin Media’s North American Oil & Gas Pipelines Magazine has organized a gathering of national pipeline professionals in Colorado this week to network and discuss the industry, and Garcia’s Steve Saneholtz and Joe Beach made the trip.

“Any time you can gather professionals together to discuss problems and solutions is a great opportunity,” said Saneholtz, Garcia’s Division Supervisor.  “We felt that there were topics and people we wanted to learn about, and also that we had some insight to offer the pipeline community.  There’s no better way to accomplish that than to get into the room.”

The conference featured discussion panels, educational presentations, and meet-and-greet sessions to discuss regulatory issues, economics, land management, and a host of other topics.

Reports suggest that industry insiders are optimistic for the future of pipeline logistics, and the need for new lines versus the repair of existing is always a hot topic.  In the end, safety holds priority right up there with efficiency and demand.

“I don’t think anyone in this field glosses over the safety factor,” said Beach.  “We try to do our best in preparing our field crews; and the carriers, along with the engineering and contracting firms, have taken big steps in recent years to improve safety, and really all aspects of pipelining.”

“The quality of their work is excellent and they have been responsive to schedule deadlines. They also have the depth in staffing that allows us to contract for services and complete the work in response to tough client demands. I would highly recommend Garcia Surveyors.” — G. Simon, P.E. - Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.