March 18, 2016

New Website Ready for Launch!

The management team at Garcia Surveyors have been working hard with the creative and technical minds from Toledo-based media development agency Spoke, LLC to redevelop the firm’s website, and are happy to finally launch.

Clients are important; information is important. Getting good information to clients, prospective clients, colleagues, and professionals, is paramount.  With the new site, we can provide some awareness about our people and our work so customers can make informed decisions about the firm they select.

If you know us and have worked with us in the past you can stay informed and up to date on the latest tools, technologies, and abilities that we’re employing.  If we’re new to you and you need to know a little more about our skills, work history, and culture then you can now find that preliminary information more easily.

Reliable, up to date, and convenient information is the aim.

“The quality of their work is excellent and they have been responsive to schedule deadlines. They also have the depth in staffing that allows us to contract for services and complete the work in response to tough client demands. I would highly recommend Garcia Surveyors.” — G. Simon, P.E. - Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.