April 18, 2016

Garcia is now certified DBE in Indiana

The Indiana Department of Transportation has certified Garcia Surveyors, Inc. as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise as of April 11th. As with the firm’s DBE for the State of Ohio, this means that Garcia can be called on to fulfill Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) conditions for federally-funded DOT projects in Indiana.

These DBE certification programs (in addition to available MBE programs) ensure that Garcia Surveyors and other companies in good standing are doing their part to support the local, state, and federal EEO undertaking – fostering equal vetting and hiring processes among businesses of all sizes and disciplines.

The staff at Garcia, in Fort Wayne and elsewhere, is proud to uphold the programs’ standards, and would like to thank the INDOT Economic Opportunity Division Director, Certification Manager, INDOT Commissioner, Indiana State Leadership, and their teams for their continued support and dedication.

For more information, go to the INDOT website at http://www.in.gov/indot/2748.htm

“We have contracted Garcia Surveyors for numerous projects over the past several years. Throughout these projects they have worked closely with our staff and were very responsive to our requests. I recommend Garcia Surveyors.” — M. P. Choma, P.E. – Assistant Sanitary Engineer – Lucas County Ohio